Our internship offers a select group of outstanding students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure
to our work at the foundation.

Our Objective is Three-Fold:

1)To provide a framework by which students from diverse academic backgrounds may be in touch with various charities, where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work experience.

2)To expose students to the work at TCTF.

3)To provide charities we support with the assistance of capable students specializing in various professional skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Who are we looking for?

The following minimum qualifications are required:

i)Enrolled in any polytechnic or tertiary institution in Singapore or overseas. 

ii)Demonstrated interest in the field of development and in community services.

iii)Language skills: written and spoken proficiency in at least one.

iv)Adaptability to varied physical and other environments; a desire to work with and gain the confidence and respect of people with different language, national and cultural backgrounds.

v)Respect for the beliefs and values of the Foundation.

Q2:What will a TCTF intern be doing?

i)Support the organization in its various functions. This includes event planning, administrative support, research/studies and related competencies. For instance, a TCT award recipient from NAFA could be assigned to improve the website or produce collaterals.

Q3:What are the takeaways for the intern?

i)The intern will gain “hard” and “soft” competencies.

ii)Enhanced competencies in planning programmes and in administrative systems.

iii)Practical front and backend experience with agencies from different sectors.

iv)Exposure to various stakeholders.

v)Empowered to offer direct or indirect assistance to those who need it.

vi)Become a change agent.

Q4:What is the duration?

Minimum of 8 weeks. Maximum of 12 weeks.

Q5:Any financial support?

It is a paid internship.

Q6:What documents to prepare?

Academic qualifications, Resume, Referees, Testimonials, School recommendation.

Q7:Does the internship lead to employment prospects at TCTF?

The internship is not connected to employment at the Foundation, and there should be no expectation as such. It is for those who wish for a positive, empowering experience at a charitable foundation, and which they can add onto their professional resume.

Our Interns’ Reflections

Serving the Community


“ …I am really glad that such initiatives give underprivileged children an opportunity to gain access to the arts and help them develop their talent. I hope that the Little Arts Academy will be able to reach out to an increasing number of people each year. I’m pretty sure it will… Sitting in for the Bootcamp committee meetings was a good experience too. I remember when we were planning out the schedule and we were asked for our opinions to see if it was feasible and if it would be suitable for the youths, and I could speak up and air my views to help improve the programme.”Clara Lai, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (27 Feb – 5 Apr 2012)

“I spent the first 2 days of the week back at Centre for Non-Profit Leadership, where I continued my research on specific non-profit organizations. Through the process of my research, I gained greater insight to the non-profit sector of Singapore as well as specific organizations and their works. I also had the chance to visit Child at Street 11 Childcare Centre with CNPL on Tuesday. It was an eye-opener being there as the centre was not a normal childcare centre that one would find in Singapore. Many of the children are extremely talented and ‘Street 11’ gives them a platform to express and hone these skills.”Rachel Choe, Raffles Institution (2 Apr – 26 Apr 2012)

“The biggest highlight of this week would be to go for the Y Reading Club program at the Metta School in Simei where we were supposed to teach intellectually disabled children mathematics. It is a humbling experience because I have never seen an intellectually disabled kid manage their schoolwork before… Teaching them reminded me of how differently they function as an individual and how important it is to be supportive and attentive to them. Though they require more affection, they’re also no different from us in terms of our need for social acceptance and interactions.”Aeden Kuek, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (3 Sept – 5 Oct 2012)

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders


“I attended a panel discussion last Wednesday where Ms. Yap was one of the panelists. The topic was “Non-Profit Management Programme for the 21st Century”, and this discussion spoke about issues of the social work sector. It was a great networking session too, as I got to meet and share ideas with people like Mr Mark Kelly, the Senior Director Operations (South Asia & Pacific) from World Vision.” Clara Lai, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (27 Feb – 5 Apr 2012)

“I was involved in the YARP Thank-you Tea which marks the end of the YARP 2012. The Tea is quite simple but I think it meets the objective of bringing most of the participants together to help in maintaining the relationship built throughout the Singapore Arts Festival period. It also provides the participants a rare networking session with other groups. With my attachment to Ang Mo Kio FSC, I attended a networking session with the youth-oriented social groups at Youth Infinity. The session is meant for the youth-oriented social groups to come together to share on what they are doing for the youth community in Ang Mo Kio. It provides each of them the insight of other social groups thus preventing duplication of services. This is useful as each social group can maximize their resources based on their strengths, hence allowing them to serve the Ang Mo Kio Youth community better collectively.” Tan Wen Jie, NTU (7 May – 29 Jun 2012)

Personal Enrichment


“From this internship experience, I have learnt so much ranging from communication skills, event planning skills to presentation skills. More than adding value to my portfolio, this experience will be valuable for my future endeavor and personal life. Most importantly, during the internship, I have gained great exposure on how organizations in the social sector work from different perspectives. It is a fulfilling and enriching experience.”
Robin Wang, Republic Polytechnic (5 Mar – 30 Mar 2012)

“Having had to write a short article for the YARP Thank-You Tea to be posted on the TCTF website was fun! It was not too challenging but allowed me to train my writing skills and hone my creativity by attempting to make a piece of work engaging and purposeful to readers. I had fun designing a publicity page for Tan Chin Tuan Foundation’s upcoming events in September to encourage the ACS and MGS scholars to volunteer. This practice teaches me to be more aware of what taught me spatial awareness so as to allow the reader to be able to take in the entire poster without being overwhelmed by all the information.” Eva Cheung, ACS (Independent) (9 Jul – 10 Aug 2012)