The Tan Chin Tuan Foundation has evolved from helping the less privileged with basic necessities to having a system of measurable outcomes in place to ensure that the foundation’s giving is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely). The causes TCTF supports include the aged, children and youth, disabled and health with the key causes being education and community development. Beneficiaries of the foundation are located in Singapore and regionally.

Our Contribution must Generate a Social Return

A donation is a social investment. In business, it is expected that each dollar invested generates a financial return. Similarly, in philanthropy, each donation should generate a social return in order to be effective. The outcome would answer questions such as “How far has this donation gone to help, change or improve society?”;
“Can the social investment be given differently to achieve a better outcome?”

Clear and Measurable Outcome to Benefit Many

Where the outcome is measurable, it is easier to assess the wisdom of our donation. Ideally, each gift should help the largest number of people possible, whether immediately or over the longer term. The “yield in good” should be high.

Increase Efficiency and Enhance Synergy

Increasing efficiency is one way of ensuring that the donation is “stretched” to help as large a number as possible. Imposing the rules of accountability and efficiency on each recipient is another way of gearing recipient organisations to think through their objective in obtaining funds and ensure that their aims are attainable.

We Strive to Uphold Our Philosophy of Giving by doing the following: