PSG DVD was played before the start of event.

TCTF appointed consultant elaborated on the objectives and different phases in PSG.

50 guests from 25 charities serving the aged community gathered at the Tan Chin Tuan Mansion for the sharing session.

Providing networking opportunity is a way TCTF encourages synergy among charities in Singapore.

Guests enjoying the mansion tour and discovering the legacies of TCTF’s late founder, Tan Sri Tan Chin Tuan.

Project Solid Gold Tea Reception

3 May 2010

Project Solid Gold (PSG) is a TCTF initiative to enhance wellness among the aged that are served by charities across Singapore. As part of PSG, TCTF installs basic exercise equipment, modifies the rest areas where the elderly congregate, and offers training to caregivers, volunteers, and elderly clients so that they enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

50 guests from 25 charities attended this tea reception held at Tan Chin Tuan Mansion, to learn more about PSG and to meet other partners who are also serving the elderly in Singapore.

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