YARPies preparing their scripts after the group brainstorming sessions.

He pictured Mother Earth Fairy to be as beautiful as his mentor, Kimberly.

All ready and excited for the next day!

Students proudly and confidently delivered their speech.

Using all the techniques learnt, our little DJs gave their best performance.

YARP: Radio Broadcasting Workshop

22 Jun 2015

As part of our Young Arts Reporter Project (YARP), the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation partnered with NUS Radio Pulze on 22nd and 23rd June, to create an exciting opportunity for our young beneficiaries – immersing in a “radio deejay” experience!

26 little deejays from PPIS Student Care Centre (Jurong) and Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations warmed up their vocal chords for two days of training, encompassing both theoretical and technical broadcasting knowledge and skills. Guided by their student mentors from Radio Pulze, the YARPies were tasked to create their own script, themed “The Change We Can Bring”. Their two days of preparation paid off, earning them a chance to bring their words to life, through a “live” broadcast session in the studios located at NUS University Town.

The YARPies fostered close bonds with their mentors who have been patiently guiding the young ones through the workshop. Many were inspired to become radio deejays and several expressed interest in working towards entering the University to pursue their ignited spark of interest in broadcasting.