A YARPie asking "Magika Pak Pandir" producer, Ms Dina Nerina, a question.

Exclusive access to watch the final dress rehearsal.

The THK FSC children and teens 'firing' questions at the cast and crew.

Words of wisdom shared by Mr Adel Ahmad, Managing Director of Sri Warisan.

YARP: Mock Press Conference with Sri Warisan

16 May 2015

In our second instalment of Young Arts Reporter Project (YARP) in 2015, TCTF partnered with Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts Ltd, a local Malay dance company. The YARPies (a nickname for those who participate in YARP) are children and teens who are part of the Career Exposure Programme at Thye Hua Kwan FSC @ Tanjong Pagar.

The YARPies were given exclusive access to marvel at the full dress rehearsal of the dance troupe’s production, “Magika Pak Pandir” (Magical Tale of Mr Pandir), performed by the children and youth team of Sri Warisan Performing Arts School. Before the rehearsal, founder of Sri Warisan and Cultural Medallion Recipient, Mdm Som Said, shared more about the dance company and the production.

A mock Press Conference was also organised by TCTF for the YARPies to conduct interviews with the local Malay dance icon, Mdm Som, and the production cast and crew. Questions such as, “How much time goes into rehearsing for the production?” and “What made you decide to become a performer?” allowed the young ones to understand a little more about what it means to be in the performing arts. Through the session, we hoped to expose our beneficiaries to alternative career pathways and encourage them to appreciate arts and cultural events, whilst picking up tips on how to communicate effectively.

At the end of this unique experience, the children and teens were all invited to watch the actual performance the following Saturday, much to their delight and excitement.