TCTF CEO Yap Su-Yin mentored the children as they illustrated their own stories

Contributing to a glass art installation

Playeum's Playmaker in action!

Assorted props from "Stories in a Bag"

MTW: Visit to “A World Full of Stories”

15 Mar 2017

In collaboration with Playeum, the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation sponsored tickets to “A World Full of Stories” exhibition for 14 children from ISCOS on 15 March 2017. The Playeum exhibition fostered exploratory learning and creativity by encouraging the children to interact with the hands-on installations in the space.

After the exhibit, the children took part in a “Stories in a Bag” workshop where they contributed ideas with the use of assorted props from three bags to string together a story unique to them. They then crafted their own story conclusions through the use of illustrations.

The programme seeks to promote creative literacy, potentially inspiring the young children to be better equipped to express themselves confidently and creatively.