Chairman, Dr Tan Kheng Lian, with our scholars from Methodist Girls' School.

The three speakers from (left) Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Students Care Service and Rachel House.

One of our scholars from ACJC posing a question to the speakers during the dialogue session.

Deputy Chairman, Ms Chew Gek Khim, with our bursary award winners from LBKM.

Council Member, Mr Chew Kwee San, curating the mansion tour for the students at the mezzanine level.

ACS Schools, MGS and LBKM

4 Jul 2013

The foundation held a tea reception at TCTM on 4 July 2013, for our 23 scholars from MGS and ACS schools and 4 bursary award recipients from LBKM. The tea was attended by Dr Tan, Ms Chew Gek Khim, Mr Chew Kwee San and our special guests Dr Chew Beng Keng and his inaugural bursary award recipient, Madangopal Narayanan.

Apart from receiving their tokens, the students also participated in a dialogue “Social Service in Action”, where we invited the heads of three non-profit organisations, Rachel House, Students Care Service and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition as they shared with the students their experiences and involvement in community work, both overseas and locally. This platform aimed to engage and sparked interest in students on creating a meaningful impact to the community. On the other hand, the speakers were also appreciative of the opportunity to share about their work.

As always, we shared the legacy of our late founder through the mansion tour and provided light refreshments for all.