Elderly beneficiaries were warmly greeted by the Welcome Party made up of Esplanade staff and volunteers as they arrived at Esplanade Concert Hall.

Elderly clapping in enjoyment for the performances put up for them. Photo Credit: Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

TCTC 2018: Mother’s Day Concert @ Esplanade Concert Hall

13 May 2018

1,600 beneficiaries from 40 different charities, most of whom were elderly, attended the concert held at Esplanade Concert Hall. The one-hour concert was hosted by Baobei Sisters, and featured biggest hits from yesteryear, performed by singers like Josephine Lam, Xie Wen, Li Bao En and Lawrence Chen.  TCTF staff and interns were also involved as volunteers to assist and befriend the elderly.


“Our seniors were very glad to have a chance to attend the Mother’s Day concert, which they enjoyed immensely. I observed that much thought and hard work by Esplanade staff, volunteers went into the preparations. To the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, kudos and much thanks for the foresight and sustained commitment to engage our older generation. For some of our seniors, it was their first venture into the Esplanade Concert Hall.”

Charles Fong, Centre Manager of Thye Hua Kwan Seniors Services, Taman Jurong


“Our beneficiaries had an enjoyable time listening to the mix of English, Mandarin and dialects classic songs. Irene and the volunteers were very helpful and caring to usher our beneficiaries who felt they were well taken care of. Thanks for the well-coordinated event and logistics from you and your team.

One of our 92 year old beneficiary even wished that the concert could be extended by another hour so that he could listen to more songs. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Tan Chin Tuan Foundation for inviting Brahm Centre and our beneficiaries to the Mother’s Day Concert for two years.”

Melvina Koo, Staff co-ordinator of Brahm Centre