Gene Tagaban interacting with the elderly from St Theresa's Home.

Len Cabral amazed the audience with his interactive storytelling.

A group shot of the storytellers and the elderly from AWWA Community Home

Clare Coburn's workshop for staff and volunteers from various voluntary welfare organisations.

Storytelling Festival

2 Sep 2013

In collaboration with the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) on its annual Singapore International Storytelling Festival, TCTF treated its beneficiaries to an afternoon of scintillating storytelling by renowned storytellers
Dazzled by the talented American storytellers, Gene Tagaban & Len Cabral, the elderly and youth were drawn into a spellbinding world of fairy tales, folk tales, legends and stories that left them in awe. The storytellers inspired the audience to create their own stories in life and follow them with their hearts.
Concurrently, staff and volunteers from the various TCT-supported charities embarked on a journey to understand the power and peace of listening with the adept Clare Coburn. They developed their listening capacities as well as storytelling skills, leveraging on their learning and experiences. Happily, they returned home better equipped to motivate and support their own beneficiaries.