Children from Ang Mo Kio FSC playing ball games with the elderly.

Children from Ang Mo Kio FSC serving food to the elderly residents.

Iswati is feeding an elderly.

Society for the Aged Sick

9 Dec 2010

On 9th December, TCTF collaborated with 10 young beneficiaries from the Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre to bring smiles to the faces of senior citizens at the Society for the Aged Sick. The young volunteers showed enthusiasm and energy in playing games such as bowling and ball games with the elderly residents. Later on, they also assisted the staff at the Society in distributing food for the elderly at lunch time. Some children even took it upon themselves to patiently feed seniors who had been afflicted with stroke or paralysis, demonstrating a willingness to serve and care for their elderly counterparts.

It was a fun-filled day for both the children and the elderly at the Society for the Aged Sick.