Deputy CEO, Ms Yap Su-Yin, with the staff from St Theresa’s Home after the gala premiere, Flight of the Jade Bird.

YARP cub reporters interviewing Yeo Ying Hao, President of the Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM), after the performance, Rite(s) of Spring.

Audience enjoying the performance by YMCA, one of TCTF-supported beneficiary organizations .

A kid enjoying the Splash Art activity at the Kids Arts Village.

A tangling time for the kids and their parents at Tangle, Kids Arts Village.

YARP: Singapore Arts Festival 2012

2 Jun 2012

The last of the Singapore Arts Festival trilogy, Our Lost Poems (2012), took place recently from 18 May to 2 June 2012. Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, a founding sponsor of Singapore Arts Festival’s Kids Arts Village, had 278 children and youths from 12 of TCTF-supported organisations participating as performers, reporters and photojournalists throughout the festival. Cub reporters and photojournalists covered various activities happening at Singapore Arts Festival where their articles will be featured in the upcoming Young Arts Reporter Project booklet.

Apart from the Kids Arts Village, 435 guests from 35 other TCTF-supported organisations and partners were also treated to six of the ticketed shows at the festival; Flight of the Jade Bird, Lan Fang Chronicles 2012, Very Wagnerian Night, End of the Road, Advanced Studies in… (10 lessons for life) and Rite(s) of Spring, which ranges from musicals to theatrical plays. Many of the guests enjoyed this experience as it was their first opportunity watching a performance at the Singapore Arts Festival.

Here is an excerpt from a beneficiary at Help FSC who attended ‘End of the Road’:
“It was so awe inspiring for myself and Barath. We have never come across such a senior, talented cast before. It was a new, fresh and enriching experience for us. It was an awesome performance done by the cast who showcased all their wonderful talents in singing, dancing and playing the background scores.

The songs sung brought me down memory lane. They had a good and varied selection of evergreen hits over the decades. Their voices and sense of humour plus their expressions were superb as well. It is really not the end of road for all of us. As senior citizens, if they can do wonders to enlighten people around the world, it gets one to think how much more one can offer to the world, society, family, friends and others around them. It was time well spent for us with lots of food for thought indeed.”