NTU Scholars together with Council Member Mr Chew Kwee San.

One of our NCSS award recipients giving a speech.

TCTF Council Member Mr Chew Kwee San presenting a token to Ngee Ann Polytechnic student.

Programme Director, Ms Yap Su-Yin presenting the tokens to the RP scholars.

Council Member, Mr Chew Kwee San interacting with the representatives from several institutions.


21 Oct 2011

On Friday 21 Oct 2011, TCTF hosted a luncheon for 19 Tan Chin Tuan scholars/award recipients from NAFA, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University and the National Council of Social Service. The guests were seated around four tables for their western buffet treat. Over the luncheon, each scholar received a pen (with his/her scholarship engraved) as a token from the Foundation. A representative from each institution shared about the gift of the scholarship and thanked the Foundation heartily. All were happily mingling over lunch and got to know more about the Founder and the Foundation through their interactions with council member, Mr Chew Kwee San, and the team members of TCTF, and the tour of the Conservation House.

Invited guest, SSO Conductor Mr Jason Lai, shared with all present about the upcoming SSO Casual Concert (Tan Chin Tuan Centennial concert) at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

Later that afternoon, a tea reception was hosted for six of our scholars from the Republic and Ngee Ann Polytechnics. Ms Adelina Ong (Little Arts Academy), Ms Mamie Cheong (SIFE Singapore) and Ms Le Ly (Global Village Foundation) from our partner organisations also shared about the work of their respective organisations and internship opportunities.