TCTF Council Member Mr Chew Kwee San interacting with charity representatives before the Closing Tea event.

Student leader of "Best Engagement" team, Junny Ooi shared about the group's learning points.

ACJC student leader, Renaud Chee taking the award "Best Reflection" on behalf of his team from TCTF CEO Ms Yap Su-Yin (right).

TCTF Council Member Mr Chew Kwee San (left) presenting a gift of appreciation to ACJC representative, Mr Mervyn Sek (right).

A group photo of TCTF Council Member, Mr Chew Kwee San and charity representatives who attended.

Building deeper connections: Assistant Centre Supervisor of St Luke's Eldercare (Kebun Baru), Mr Wu Jun Jie (left) posing with ACJC student leader Renaud Chee (right).

Reflection boards done by the students summarised their Project Cheer 2019 journey.

Project Cheer 2019: Closing Tea

13 Apr 2019

Co-organised by TCTF and Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC), the Project Cheer Closing Tea was graced by TCTF Council Member Mr Chew Kwee San on 12 April 2019. 12 charities and seven ACJC Classes gathered to witness the culmination of Project Cheer 2019.

Mervyn Sek, ACJC HOD (Project Work & Values In Action) led a sharing session with the student leaders who discussed valuable lessons on their PC experience. The event then proceeded with the presentation of awards to the five ACJC teams who received commendation for various aspects, namely Best Planning, Best Engagement, Best Execution, Best Crisis Management (Resourcefulness) and Best Reflections. The foundation also recognised our long-time PC partner, ACJC and charity partners for their magnanimous support to the students during their PC journey. TCTF Council Member, Mr Chew Kwee San concluded the award presentation segment with a heartfelt closing speech.

The audience were invited to a buffet spread and TCTF charity partner, Club HEAL took this opportunity to share their services. Charity representatives expressed their interest to be involved in Project Cheer the following year.

Peach scholar Renaud Chee shared, “Project Cheer is a really special experience as it involves more than just one group of beneficiaries. It is pretty challenging to facilitate activities for both groups that come from different generations. I think my group considers ourselves as the ‘connector’ between them. This has enriched me to think further on how to give back to the ageing population. I am grateful for this empowering opportunity and thankful for the support my group has received from the foundation, school, and charities for this VIA project.”