Project Cheer 2018

15 Jun 2018

“With Cheer, We Bond”. This is the ethos that has held up the spirit of Project Cheer since its beginning. In this year’s edition of Project Cheer, we had 230 youths put their Values in Action by planning and facilitating 11 Project Cheer sessions and engaging 300 children and 400 elderly beneficiaries from 28 May to 14 June 2018.

Staying true to our objective of encouraging multi-generational bonding, the students put their heads and hearts forward to plan a day of activities designed to achieve fruitful interaction between children, youth and elderly. This process involved each team of students meeting the staff from both children and elderly charity centres, submitting a proposal, preparing for and executing the day of activities and undergoing several rounds of reflections. Through this process, the students truly learnt to be the heads, hands and legs of their own project sessions. The Tan Chin Tuan Foundation sincerely appreciates the hard work that all students, staff from charity centres and mentors from ACJC had put in to make Project Cheer 2018 a success!

“To know that many people came together for the sake of others is not the same as having fun with friends and family, where we often consider self-fulfilment. To know that people love other people, it honestly is such a miracle.” ACJC student participant, Claudia Chua