Building connections with the children from Care Community Services Society.

The elderly shared their kite-flying knowledge with the children.

ACJC students designed reusable bags as gifts for the elderly.

Children and elderly bond as they prepare Popiah.

Project Cheer 2016

17 Jun 2016

With guidance and support from TCTF, 10 teams of over 170 Anglo-Chinese Junior College students engaged in Project Cheer 2016. This year’s theme ‘True Colours (缤纷心语)’ represents values that are embodied through colours. TCTF hopes that through Project Cheer, both students and beneficiaries would not only have an enjoyable and fulfilling time but also learn important values.

Over 10 Project Cheer sessions, the students connected close to 500 elderly and children beneficiaries from seven charities together. They planned and executed various activities ranging from kite-flying at Marina Barrage to terrarium workshops and even Popiah making sessions. These served as a platform for multi-generational interaction, allowing young and old to share experiences and interests with one another. This encompasses the essence of Project Cheer – bringing cheer through intergenerational bonding, empowering youths to give back to the community and encouraging partnerships between charities in the sector.

Dianah, a youth beneficiary from Beyond Social Services shared, “I learned that the elderly are not too old for anything, they can be very active during activities and games too! I can also learn a lot from their past experiences.”

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