Lending a helping hand.

Showing their heart for the community.

ACJC students shared tips on how to interact with the elderly.

Origami time!

Gifting a drawing and well wishes to the seniors.

Project Cheer 2014

1 Jun 2014

With the facilitation and support of TCTF, eight teams of over 160 ACJC students have brought cheer to 300 children and elderly beneficiaries in six charities over a period of two weeks. Their bespoke activities included painting sessions, science experiments, dance and sports that sparked inter-generational conversations and teamwork. To incorporate “Values in Action” after each Project Cheer, students were encouraged to self-reflect and internalise the experience and its learning points. The series ended with a closing tea session where student volunteers and charities reunited to share their Project Cheer journey with one another.

“You certainly brought cheer to the elders. We love you for loving them as your own”, said Anita Conriana, Centre Manager of St Luke’s Eldercare.