Yen Lin, one of DECK's trainers, introducing the participants to photography techniques.

Some of the participants' shots taken with Polaroid Land cameras.

YARP: Photography Workshop

6 Mar 2015

In partnership with Encore! The European Season in Singapore, Tan Chin Tuan Foundation hosted a photography workshop at DECK as part of our Young Arts Reporter Project (YARP) programme. Our participants consisted secondary students from CareSG, representatives from 4PM and our own Tan Chin Tuan scholars.

Participants learnt about photography techniques such as the rule of thirds and visual perspectives. They gained exposure to creative darkroom procedures such as cyanotype and were introduced to a condensed 3-step process for photo-taking. To their delight, they also had the opportunity to try their hand at experimenting with a Polaroid Land camera.

Beyond the workshop, the budding photographers were invited to showcase their newfound skills on two platforms. Our campaign, #TCTFIWD2015, was used to encourage participants to celebrate International Women’s Day by posting photos of inspiring women in their lives on social media while TCTF opened positions for resident photographers in the upcoming March instalment of Project Cheer.