Sweet dancers of Jamiyah Home.

Youths from Jamiyah Home performing for seniors at Pertapis Home.

The elderly were entertained by the Dikit Barat youth percussionists from Jamiyah Home.

Seniors taking to the floor, dancing for everyone.

Youths serving lunch for the elderly.

Pertapis Home

21 Mar 2009

It was a morning where the seniors were given VIP treatment.

The Saturday, the seniors at the Pertapis Senior Citizen Fellowship Home were treated to a hearty VIP welcome by the Kompang Team of Jamiyah Children’s home. This was followed by a Malay Tarian (dance) by five young sweet dancers, and the boisterous Dikit Barat by the boys of Jamiyah Home.

Some of the nenek (senior ladies) could not hesitate not joining in the fun. They showed the young dancers some moves and despite their age, they still showed their mettle.

Lunch was served progressively, and the youths helped served food, and chatted with the seniors. Post lunch, the youths also lingered around, chatting with the seniors, listening to the tales of the ladies there.