Awestruck by the animation process.

Learning in progress!

Expressing their creativity.

MTW: DreamWorks Animation, The Exhibition

4 Aug 2015

In partnership with Encore! The European Season in Singapore, the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation brought a group of 27 children from PPIS Student Care Centre (Bedok) and Yong-En Care Centre for an eye-opening excursion at the DreamWorks Animation Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum on Tuesday, 4 August 2015.

The exhibition showcased many of the children’s favourite movies such as Madagascar and Kungfu Panda. Looking around in awe, the children were amazed by the multi-step process of producing an animation. From idea generation to character creation, each stage was carefully thought out and executed in detail.

“Dragon Flight” was a favourite amongst the young ones. It showcased a spectacular 180-degree view of the Isle of Berk from How To Train Your Dragon immersing the children in the thrilling experience of being a dragon rider soaring high amidst the clouds.

The children were also treated to a Claymation workshop. Creative juices flowed as they doodled ideas in a flurry. Following which, they molded soft clay into physical encapsulations of their vivid imaginations. Finally, each group of children used a digital film maker application to create their very own short film that was uploaded to YouTube.