Roger Jenkins guided the children in their story and character development.

Working as a team to create a story.

Brainstorming in progress.

MTW: Creative Writing with Roger Jenkins

15 Mar 2017

On 15 March 2017, more than 20 upper primary children from Lakeside Family Services Centre (Jurong East) filed into a training room for an afternoon of creative writing and storytelling. Excitement filled the air as TCTF-engaged arts practitioner, Roger Jenkins commenced his creative writing workshop – that falls under the auspices of TCTF’s More Than Words programme.

The children enthusiastically contributed the foundations of a story such as the setting and characters, while international-award-winning storyteller Jenkins demonstrated how to weave the elements together to form a riveting story. The children then attempted to craft their own piece – challenged by Jenkins to innovatively create new captivating stories.

Guided through the character creation process, the children learnt how to craft character traits, strength, weaknesses and even means of conflict resolution. The TCTF-sponsored workshop concluded with each group of children sharing the fruits of their labour – a diverse range of inventive stories.