MTW 2017: To Gather, Together Book Launch

2 Sep 2017

Following a successful run of More Than Words creative writing workshops facilitated by trainers Roger Jenkins, former TCTF-NTU scholar Samuel Wee and Playeum, a selection of stories, poems and illustrations was put together in the 4th edition More Than Words book, “To Gather, Together”. Contributors included 42 children from 7 charities. More Than Words is a TCTF signature programme which seeks to promote creative literacy, potentially inspiring and equipping children to think imaginatively and write better.

On 2 September, TCTF launched More Than Words book, “To Gather, Together” at the Enabling Village with 123 charity representatives, children and adults in attendance. In line with the theme of family, friends and community, the launch was curated to reflect the spirit of inclusivity and gathering for all. Children were treated to an interactive hat-making craft session, entertaining games and engaging storytelling by Singapore’s finest tellers Roger Jenkins from Story Connection Ltd, deaf mime artist Gophi Nathan and Karen Lee. Each child took home a More Than Words Book, “To Gather, Together” gifted by TCTF to guests.

Excerpts of More Than Words 2017 Book “To Gather, Together” can be found HERE.

Click HERE to watch the video of the book launch done by Natasha Benedicta, recipient of the Tan Chin Tuan Scholarship for Creative Education, 2017 from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).