Mr Brian Seward, Artistic Director of I Theatre, introducing the play to our young critics.

One of our critics penning his thoughts about the play, before sharing it with the cast.

The director and cast giving our TCTF intern exclusive insights into their rehearsals and trainings.

At the front of house, Mr Seward and Ms Kirsten Law, Programme Manager of TCTF.

A representative from CARE Singapore presenting a thank you card to the cast at the meet and greet session.

More Than Words Critic’s Club

17 May 2014

On Saturday, 17 May 2014, Tan Chin Tuan Foundation (TCTF), in partnership with I Theatre, invited 20 students from CARE Singapore to a preview session of the play, Spot The Difference at the Drama Centre’s rehearsal space. Together with their parents, they watched the rehearsal and participated in an interactive critique session with the director and cast of Spot The Difference.

The Critic’s Club allowed our young critics to critique the play so that the director may improve on the piece before its actual run, based on their feedback. The club is initiated with the aim of exposing children to the arts at a tender age and boosting their self-confidence, knowing that their voices are heard- inputs by them would be included in a public performance.

On Wednesday, 21 May 2014, the children then visited the Black Box at the National Library to watch the actual performance. The children were captivated by the stunning performance, as seen from their active participation in answering questions from the cast. After the performance, a meet-and-greet session was organised for our guests where they got to take photos and interact with the cast. The children enjoyed themselves tremendously, showering the cast with high fives and discussing enthusiastically about their favourite characters!