TCTF Council Member. Mr Chew Kwee San and Programme Director, Ms Yap Su-Yin interacting with the guests.

Ms Yap Su-Yin facilitating the Q&A session.

Ms Chu leading the mansion tour for our guests.

Networking session for guest from various agencies.

Dialogue on Restorative Practice

20 Apr 2011

On 29 April 2011, as part of its regular Tête-à-tête @ TCTF series, TCTF organised a dialogue on “Restorative Practice” in relation to youth work. Restorative Justice is a way of addressing wrongdoings when relationships are harmed and need to be made right by persons responsible for the harm.

The panelists, Mr Daniel Ang, Mr Gerard Ee, Rev Sam Kuna and Dr Daniel Fung provided insightful knowledge about their experiences and challenges using Restorative Justice in their work, especially with youths. 49 guests from 29 agencies attended the dialogue. They ranged from heads of volunteer welfare organisations to educators and representatives from various ministries. Our award recipients for the Tan Chin Tuan Award for Social Service and Tan Chin Tuan SSTI Award were present too.

The dialogue proved to be insightful and provocative. The speakers and guests discussed the possibilities that Restorative Practice offer in complementing existing work with juvenile offenders and the means of adopting it on a larger scale among the various organisations. The dialogue served as a platform for discussion about the prospects and challenges of using the Restorative Justice approach. The session concluded with a tour of the mansion and a cocktail tea.