Meet-and-greet session with the performers.

Our volunteer engaging the children with fun quizzes.

Chairman of TCTF, Dr Kheng Lian with the performers.

A group photo with TCTF's volunteers.

Carnival of the Animals

22 Dec 2013

This year, our collaboration with the SSO, brought the “Carnival of the Animals” to 360 beneficiaries from 13 charities serving children, which participated in TCTF’s “More Than Words” programme. This children’s concert brought a wonderful close for the year to our 2013 initiative. Joined by 60 other guests, including charity partners and TCTF’s volunteers, all the guests were treated to an afternoon of lively, upbeat musical creation. The orchestra imitated distinctive animal characteristics and movements, while actors engaged the audience with humorous performances. After the hour-long concert, our guests enjoyed a meet-and-greet session with the orchestra conductor, Joshua Tan, as well as the cast of the show. A balloonist and face-painter entertained the children, while the foundation presented complimentary Häagen-Dazs ice-cream to all our guests and goodie bags for the children.