A collective photo with Children’s Wishing Well and the cast.

A YARPie explaining to her peers how to introduce themselves during the Mock Press Conference.

YARPies familiarising themselves with the various characters in the play.

YARP: Mock Press Conference with ACT3 International

27 May 2016

A key objective of the foundation’s Young Arts Reporter Project (YARP) is to expose our younger beneficiaries to alternative career pathways. In partnership with ACT3 International, we invited close to 50 children from Children’s Wishing Well, PPIS Singapore Muslim Women’s Association, and Marymount Centre on 27 May 2016 to learn more about theatrical work.

The YARPies (a nickname for those who participate in YARP) were treated to an ACT 3i Festival play performance, titled ‘All on a Summer’s Day’. The play is a companion piece to Shakespeare’s famous fairy tale story ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Angel, a student from Marymount Centre, shared “The actors were immersed in their roles. I enjoyed the scene with [the character] Compost holding onto the sign of the shoe-making union, because it was hilarious.”

The children then participated in an exclusive Mock Press Conference with director Vicky Ireland and the cast. The children posed questions such as “What is the most difficult part of your job” and “How long did you have to rehearse?” This shed light on some of the challenges that are present in theatrical work. Nevertheless, many of the children are looking forward to meet these challenges head-on. Murhkis, a student from PPIS Student Care Centre (Jurong), recounted with enthusiasm: “If I can act in a show in the future, I want to be like [the character] Carrot because I want to make people laugh.”

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