Foundation to give out $15m early

8 Dec 2008, Straits Times

AS thenews on the economic front grows gloomier every day, one foundation has decided to give out the millions in its kitty earlier than intended.

The Community Foundation of Singapore originally planned to accumulate $5.0 million in donations before disbursing its funds , but it is now identifying who it can help with the $15 million it has gathered so far.

Small in size, big in heart

25 Nov 2008, The New Paper

THE man was angrily shouting at everyone in his ward at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). The patient, who was in his 30s, refused to talk to anyone and it seemed like nobody could control him. Even the male nurses were wary of him. Until Madam Soonthrammal Nallapan stepped in.

Passion for nursing patients back to health pays off for ten

25 Nov 2008, 938 Live Report

Their passion for nursing the sick back to the pink of health has paid off for ten outstanding enrolled nurses. In recognition of their efforts, the ten were conferred the Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Awards on Friday.


23 Nov 2008, Property Zaobao

随着白沙、榜鹅和盛港人口不断增加,长远而言,东部必须建造第二所公共医院。不过,即使建筑费随着全球经济下滑,卫生部短期内仍不会开始动工建造新医院。 由于经济不景使原本非常蓬勃的建筑业稍微放缓,政府于是决定让原定2015年建成的裕廊综合医院加速工程,以提前几个月竣工,让居民提早受惠。 前天,卫生部长许文远在陈振传护士奖颁奖礼上透露,卫生部有意在东部兴建第二所公共综合医院。不过他昨天在全国心脏中心10周年庆典上受访时说,这项计划预计不会在短期内进行,以免成为“白象”。 …… (全文详见今日出版的《早报星期天》。欢迎读者购买或订阅《联合早报》,订阅热线:6388-3838。) 【上一则新闻】 【下一则新闻】 【前七天新闻】 【回页顶 】 2008-11-23 10:05:31 东部第二所公共医院料短期内不会兴建

One more hospital needed

22 Nov 2008, Straits Times

It will help cope with growing population in the east and north-east, says Health Minister By April Chong (From left) Hajjah Nor Aini Hashim, Puspha Meenachi Sundram and Soonthrammal Nalappan were given awards for good work.

D S Lee Foundation Salutes Nurses at Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award

21 Nov 2008, SALT no.27

The Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award for Enrolled Nurses was the brainchild of Dr Della Lee, Chairman of the D S Lee Foundation and Mdm Lim Swee Hia, Group Director, Nursing at the SingHealth Group. The national level award was established by Dr Lee in 2005 to spotlight the contributions of Singapore’s enrolled nurses, and to honour the memory of the late philanthropist and banker, Tan Sri Tan Chin Tuan.