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Issue 6: Be The Change We Can Be

11 Dec 2015, e-Newsletter

What’s wonderful about an idea is how it grows and develops. Before long, it isn’t just one person’s idea. As more people get involved, it takes on a life of its own. It belongs to everyone. More Than Words developed that way, driven by an empowered TCTF team and enlightened trainers. After three years, two performances and two children’s books, it has left its stamp on 2,000 people from over 35 charities. It has grown wings.

Issue 5: Being a Catalyst for Change

31 Aug 2015, e-Newsletter

Catalytic philanthropy is easier said than done. It takes effort and time to nurture potential and to create multiplier impact. Whilst the foundation supports students through bond-free scholarships and bursaries, we are mindful to also invest in their personal growth. This means how they develop in their character and values, and how they perceive their roles in our community.

Issue 4: Sharing our Philosophy of Giving

30 Apr 2015, e-Newsletter

Philanthropy works best when it generates relationships. This issue of “Sharing our Philosophy of Giving” – the first TCTF e-Newsletter for 2015 – puts the spotlight on how our grants and programmes are designed to get people connected with one another in meaningful ways.

Issue 3: Bringing Cheer The TCTF Way

17 Dec 2014, e-Newsletter

In this issue, our spotlight is on the marginalised. These ‘silent sufferers’ include the homeless in Malaysia as well as dementia patients in Singapore who require caregivers’ support. It being a year-end issue of our e-Newsletter, and with Christmas around the corner, we highlight partnerships by charities, volunteers and donors that bring cheer to others.

Issue 2: Spotlight on Volunteerism

24 Aug 2014, e-Newsletter

The latest issue of ‘Our Philosophy of Giving‘ focuses on volunteerism, in Singapore and around the region. Volunteering with TCTF means listening to what the needs of the community are and empowering volunteers to participate meaningfully.

Inaugural Issue: Our Philosophy of Giving

12 Apr 2014, e-Newsletter

We present the inaugural issue of the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation (TCTF) e-Newsletter, ‘Our Philosophy of Giving‘. We would like to kick things off with a special message from Ms Yap Su-Yin, CEO of Tan Chin Tuan Foundation about our TCTF initiatives and approach to giving. We roll out our plans for three TCTF signature programmes – More Than Words, Project Solid Gold and Project Cheer for 2014.

Rock Solid Extracts

8 Mar 2013, Rock solid

Rock Solid Extracts