SCO staff taught the children how to read a simplified music score sheet.

The children participated in coordination skill warm-up exercises.

Learning how to play the drums from Instructor Mr Tan.

All ready for their mini-showcase!

SCO “Drum Dance” Music Workshop

14 Jun 2016

In collaboration with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO), TCTF extended a two-day “Drum Dance” Music Workshop to about 20 young beneficiaries from Presbyterian Community Services on 13 and 14 June 2016. These workshops are often used as team-building activities, as it requires players to synchronise their beats in order to perform the musical piece well. Through this workshop, the children are exposed to the importance and value of teamwork.

Over the course of the workshop, the children were introduced to various percussion instruments used in Chinese Orchestras. The children explored their coordination and beat synchronisation through several warm-up exercises and worked hard to practice their “Drum Dance” percussion piece. The workshop ended with a mini-showcase where the children performed for their parents, TCTF and SCO representatives.

Following the workshop, young participant Leung Hei Yeung shared “I learnt about teamwork, because I had to work with my friends to play the song well. One challenge was synchronising to the beat. I found it difficult to hear my own instrument when my friends were playing theirs as well. I am interested to learn more about drums, and hope to become a drummer in the future.”