Guest on the guided tour around the Tan Chin Tuan Mansion.

Award Winners and representatives from different organisations.

Judge: Mr Chew Kwee San (TCTF Council Member).

Judge: Stephanie Yeow (Straits Time Deputy Photo Editor)

Judge: BG Tan Chuan-Jin (NDP EXCO Chairman)

National Day Photography Contest Award Ceremony

11 Sep 2009

As part of the TCTF National Day Photography Contest, a tea and an award ceremony was held at the Tan Chin Tuan Mansion. All winning participants from 11 different organisation and their representatives were invited to the conserved Tan Chin Tuan Mansion to receive their awards. TCTF Council members and Judges gathered to meet with the winners over a Tea Ceremony. All guests had the privilege of a guided tour around the Mansion which is open to invited guests only.

The Tan Chin Tuan Foundation held a National Day themed photography contest for all its beneficiaries called “My 24 Hours: My Singapore, My Home”. This was an opportunity for the less fortunate to capture and share their personal experiences of their celebration of National Day.