An introductory game to kickstart the workshop.

Ms Jeni explaining the significance of the clown's red nose.

The children doing their best clown impersonation for their friends.

Happy clowns with their props!

Encore! – The Clowning Workshop

22 Oct 2015

The foundation’s collaboration with Encore! The European Season in Singapore under the More Than Words programme this year concluded with a Commedia Dell’atre workshop for 22 students from YMCA Student Care Centre @ East View during their PSLE marking school holidays.

The workshop explored one of the oldest forms of theatre, engaging the primary school students in a slew of high-energy activities as they explored various clown personas. Facilitated by Ms Jeni of Evolve Arts, the students expressed themselves using the mindset of a clown and discovered how circus paraphernalia such as masks, wigs and the iconic red nose can transform them into new characters.

During the 90-minute workshop, the children learned to develop an awareness of how body movements and  changing facial expressions can be used to deliver slapstick humour.