25 participants from 17 TCTF-supported charities attended.

Group discussion on best practices for outreach.

Joshua (in orange) shared his insights on how to better craft a story.

Training in session.

Capacity Building: Storytelling for Non-Profits

3 Mar 2017

Do you want people to be more aware about your cause, maybe even get involved and contribute?
But it’s a noisy world with myriad causes, and there are many powerful, persuasive and popular advocates for them. Why should anyone listen to you?

These were questions that was addressed at Capacity Building for Charities – Storytelling for Non-Profits – a pilot project initiated by Tan Chin Tuan Foundation (TCTF) in partnership with Our Better World (OBW) to equip TCTF-supported charities with the skill to identify and amplify good stories for their cause.

Under TCTF’s sponsorship, 25 staff nominees from 17 TCTF-supported charities took part in a full-day workshop on 3 March 2017. Led by OBW Head of Content Joshua Lye, participants learned methods on how to tactically engage a larger audience of potential donors, partners and volunteers. Multiplying the impact, participating representatives were encouraged to share their learning with colleagues and peers to boost practical storytelling competencies amid the sector.