Audience enjoying the spellbinding Cantonese rendition of the Samsui Women of Singapore.

Ms Lee Swee Har (left), student of the late Lee Dai Sor, introducing the Samsui Woman to the audience.

Our Council Member Mr Chew Kwee San (left) with members of the National Book Development Council of Singapore.

Tan Chin Tuan Foundation staff and key participants who made this event possible.

Cantonese Storytelling (A Tribute to Lee Dai Sor)

5 Sep 2012

Held at the Asian Civilisations Museum Ngee Ann Auditorium on 5th September 2012, “A Tribute to Lee Dai Sor” was a Cantonese storytelling session that narrated historical recounts of the Samsui Women of Singapore to an audience of 144 elderly from various eldercare organisations including Yong-En Care Centre, Care Corner Senior Activity Centre, Moral Senior Activity Centre, Shanyou Wellness Centre and Villa Francis Nursing Home.

The storyteller, Miss Lee Swee Har, was a student of the late Mr Lee Dai Sor. She captivated the audience with her interesting and genuine expressions.

Gracing the event was Mr Chew Kwee San, one of Tan Chin Tuan Foundation’s Council Members. Mrs Lee, the late Mr Lee Dai Sor’s wife, and a Samsui Woman also graced the event with their presence.