Launch of ‘Bend Not Break - Learning from Loss’, a book that delves into understanding youth depression and suicide.

Members of Brahm Centre joined TCTF for a guided tour of the Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition @ArtScience Museum.

The guests trying to solve an ice-breaker puzzle game activity before the start of the tour.

Brahm Centre

27 Nov 2014

Launched in 2012, Brahm Centre is dedicated to promoting happy and healthy living through holistic education. The foundation supports Brahm Centre in their “Enhancement of Virtual Hospital Befriender” and “Mental Health Programme: Happier Singapore” programmes in the effort to continue channeling our giving towards social services with funding gaps. With such support, the centre is able to provide better preventive programmes that alleviate negative emotions and circumstances. This will hopefully result in individuals who will stay mentally and physically healthy, becoming more effective in what they do and be a positive influence to others.

In October 2013, the foundation, together with our partner, Encore! The European Season in Singapore, organised a guided tour of the Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition @ArtScience Museum for Brahm Centre’s volunteers and the Tecity colleagues. Besides having a platform to directly interface with the foundation’s staff, this opportunity also serves to support Brahm Centre in acknowledging the contributions of its volunteers as well as knowing more about the philanthropic commitments of the foundation.