Soon-to-be graduates rehearsing their performance the night before the ceremony.

Entrance to The Learning Farm, also known as Karang Widya.

The students spend most of their time amidst the greens during the day to learn organic farming techniques.

TLF Executive Director, Ms Nona Utomo, showing guests the TLF badge that each graduate will receive upon completion of the course.

A group photo of all 38 graduates with the TLF staff at the end of the graduation ceremony.

The Learning Farm

17 Nov 2015

In line with our focus of supporting educational and community developmental causes, TCTF partnered The Learning Farm (TLF) in Indonesia, an organisation that offers a fully residential programme for marginalised and at-risk youth to be mentored and given useful life values and skills.

Students enrolled in the farm undergo a 100-day basic programme to be groomed as farmer entrepreneurs and learn organic farming techniques. The knowledge of farming ecology would improve their employability and enable them to better reintegrate into society. Those who wish to continue their educational journey at the farm are encouraged to enroll in the 200-day advance programme, which involves a more individualised and self-directed learning process. This widens and deepens the knowledge and skills gained during their initial training period at the farm.

In November 2015, a TCTF representative attended the graduation ceremony of Batch 23 at the farm in Cipanas, Indonesia, of which three of the 38 graduates were supported by the foundation.